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Hope you are well. YGS Ent have done another update tonight that will truly be unique in how it helps users to increase their chances of getting digital download sales. YGS 6.7.0
I am calling it the YGS Affiliate program.

Rather than Artiste searching for followers and friends which of course is great but nowadays hard to distinguish between software and real individuals there’s another type of advocate and that’s your Affiliates who will take an active role in helping artiste to reach distribution goals.

When someone affiliates themselves with a content provider (artist) on YGS they generate an affiliate request message. This message is received by the content provider. The content provider then has the option to accept the request at which point all the products that are in the content providers store become available for sale in the Afiliators store. All download proceeds go to the affiliated.

Users from different categories can affiliate with each other and help to push one another’s products without their being a conflict of interest. Options for afiliators and affiliated to incentivize one another will also be made available in all the obvious ways by way of distributing commissions all through the platform etc. These updates will be done during the course of next week.

This system will motivate users to find affiliates that can act as digital outlets on their behalf. This is another step in the development of YGS aimed at giving our users the option to be more active and more productive.

Even though this update is not complete the core function is usable and has been submitted and will be available on Android and Apple very soon. Users can expect another update on Monday.


Nico Aley C.E.O

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