YES | Sell Music

No complex agreements between YGS and users are necessary, they only need to demonstrate permission to publish, distribute and sell their original material.

Digital Media & Local Entertainment

The YGS Platform enthuses local & International businesses to list themselves on the platform. With Bars, Nightclubs, restaurants, fashion Stores all having the opportunity to place Product and Brand. Indiscriminately reciprocating and promoting each others products, services across the platform to like minded users on a local and international level.


Target a variety of users and entertainment professionals, institutions, services, networking and entertainment industry resources. Utilise categorised and localised Music distribution and promotion.

This is what it is all about… mor4 productivity and control for the artiste, managing and promoting their own creativity.

Offline Availability | Yes

Digital Media is downloaded into the Users Assets folder when purchased. No Limits on Storage/Number of Archives. The ‘Assets Folder’ is where you’ll find all your digital media downloads. our file can then be the downloaded to your device from your ‘Assets folder’.

Ad Revenue Share

YGS proportionally shares revenue generated by advertising shown alongside Artiste Media.

Social Communication IN APP Chat

Artists can maintain rapport with their fanbase, even after sales. Users can chat freely within their chosen music genre, User-to-User or Artist to User. Open channel for Event Marketing and Ticket Sales.

ZERO Commission/Fees on Music Sales

Paypal Transaction Fees apply and can vary.

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