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If we are in time for you next media planning meeting,  we would like to remind you of the YGS functions that offer a fresh approach to tactical advertisingcontent distribution and consumer persuasion.

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What is YGS?

A proving ground for Musicians and Artists. There are many factors that contribute to an artists productivity.  The YGS platform encourages increased performance and work rate , artists learn and understand how they can assume closer control and management of their productivity, and monetization of their digital media.

What does YGS do?

YGS equips artists with the tools to do it themselves, with no reliance on costly contractual, time consuming services and resources that takes precious time away from artists being productive, producing, publishing and playing.

The YGS advantage

YGS enables artists to get paid instantly and directly with no commissions or fees. Money is received and transacted via  PayPal & Stripe. YGS helps artists to reach their potential and their associated revenues by providing the tools and services that will assist them in monetising their career.

Artist profiles allow for personal branding, 3rd party advertising and sponsorship, all managed by the artist.  Artists can connect with their local businesses, demonstrating the opportunity for local businesses to affiliate and extend the artists media distribution.  This has reciprocal benefit to the business affiliating with the artist, in that the business and their promotions can be seen to be associated with that artist.

How can Media Agencies benefit from using YGS? … take a closer look…

The YGS Affiliate Program


When someone affiliates themselves with another YGS user, this generates an affiliate request message. This message is received by the intended recipient.


You then have the option to accept the request at which point all the products that are in your store become available for sale in the affiliates store. All download proceeds from the sale of affiliated products go to the content creator.


Users from different categories can affiliate with each other and help to push one another’s products without their being a conflict of interest.  All promotions associated with an artist will be seen by all those that are affiliated with the artist and all those that visit the affiliate’s public profile.

Ad Request


Below this product preview space is an area where the visitor can make a request to place an Ad underneath the product preview.


All users on YGS have what we call a product preview page, this is where a 30 second snippet of their owned media can be listened to or viewed by the purchaser before they download the product.


The visitor to the artist profile has the option to Submit a ‘Bid/Price and duration for an Ad which is then submitted to the artist. If the artist accepts the request, the Ad will be instantly attached to the product preview page and anywhere that preview goes so does the associated Ad.

Ad promotions that are submitted to the Local Ad News-Wall by commercial YGS accounts, can be positioned to match targeted and localised consumer demographics

Commercial AD accounts/Subscriptions

For example,  if you were in London and you can  run a promotion in New York,  YGS can do that… set the address  of the promotion/Campaign and have YGS Users within a 25 km radius see that promotion/campaign.


YGS Local ADS-Wall 

The Local Ad-Wall is where Commercial account holders can post targeted media campaigns or promotions that will be seen by all YGS Users within a 25 kilometre radius of the designated promotion’s address.  This promotion can be edited as many times during the course of the subscription.  Subscriptions are charged at €17.50 per month.


Reaching your local consumer demographic

The YGS Appeal

As a Media Agency do you see the value of having a simple account on YGS whereby you can deploy Video/Image ADS for a specific time, with as many edits  within that time.

 It’s your space! Where you can rotate your promotions and manage campaign life-cycles, targeting consumer demographics locally, internationally and spontaneously!