Distinguishing Differences

Not every music streaming platform offers the exact same service. Many offer a subscription service with a monthly fee granting access to millions of digital media, some rely on the chance to purchase or own the very structure the music industry was built on.

CostsOne time/Subscriptions
  • Subscription Terms
  • Accessibility
  • Sell/Distribute Music
  • Commissions & Fees
  • Local Interactivity
  • Community
  • Ad Revenue Sharing


  • Always FREE to Download & Subscribe - YGS Entertainment shall always be FREE to Subscribe.
  • Offline Availability | Yes - Digital Media is downloaded into the Users Assets folder when purchased. No Limits on Storage/Number of Archives. The 'Assets Folder' is where you'll find all your digital media downloads. Your file can then be the downloaded to your device from your 'Assets folder'.
  • YES | Sell Music - No complex agreements between YGS and users are necessary, they only need to demonstrate permission to publish, distribute and sell their original material.
  • ZERO Commission/Fees on Music Sales - Paypal Transaction Fees apply and can vary.
  • Geolocate and target a variety of users and entertainment professionals, institutions, services, networking and entertainment industry resources. Utilise categorised and localised Music distribution and promotion.
  • YES | Social Communication IN APP Chat | Artists can maintain rapport with their fanbase, even after sales. Users can chat freely within their chosen music genre, User-to-User or Artist to User. Open channel for Event Marketing and Ticket Sales.
  • YES | Ad Revenue Share - YGS proportionally shares revenue generated by advertising shown alongside Artiste Media.

Apple Music

$9.99upto $14.99
  • 3 Months free Trial - After 3 Months, Subscription is available from $9.99(1 Person) to $14.99(6 Persons)
  • Offline Availability | Yes - Library is where you'll find all your music, whether it be songs you've imported from your computer, songs you've bought from iTunes or songs you've added from Apple Music's servers.
  • YES | Sell Music - Distribution & Licensing Agreements Apply
  • 15%-20% Commission/Fees - on Music Sales - Transaction Fees apply and can vary upon merchant
  • None
  • NO | Social Communication IN APP Chat | Artists & Fans/Users
  • NO | Ad Revenue Share


$9.99upto $14.99
  • 3 Months free Trial - After 3 Months, Subscription is available from $9.99(1 Person) to $14.99(6 Persons)
  • Offline Availability | Up to 3,333 tracks - Cannot Download Music or Use Spotify Connect on FREE Subscription
  • YES | Sell Music - Distribution & Licensing Agreements Apply
  • 15%-20% Commission/Fees - on Music Sales Transaction Fees apply and can vary upon merchant
  • None
  • NO | Social Communication IN APP Chat | Artists & Fans/Users
  • YES | Ad Revenue Share


$9.99up to $19.99
  • 1 Month free Trial - After 1 Months, Subscription is available from $9.99(1 Person) to $19.99
  • Download Tracks to play offline
  • Distribution to their own platform
  • No information stated for Commission/Fees
  • None
  • NO | Social Communication NO IN APP Chat | Artists & Fans/Users
  • NO | Ad Revenue Share


FREEPRO Subsctiption $10 (For artist)
  • FREE with Pro version at $10 for Artist
  • Offline Availability | Tracks can be downloaded for offline play
  • No licensing No distribution
  • 0% Commission/Fees - Transaction fees may apply
  • None
  • NO | Social Communication No IN APP Chat
  • NO | Ad Revenue Share

CD Baby

$49 Standard$89 CD Baby Pro
  • Per Album/Track subscription
  • Offline Availability | Download to play
  • YES | Sell Music - Distribution & Licensing Agreements Apply
  • 9%-30% Commission/Fees - on Music Sales Transaction Fees apply and can vary upon merchant. Plus a UPI* cost (*UPI: Unite payments interface - identification Barcode system)
  • NO | Social Communication IN APP Chat | Artists & Fans/Users
  • YES | Ad Revenue Share

Understanding the YGS Dynamic

YGS is far simpler, unique in it’s service offering, quick and easy to set-up and use, promotes productivity and entertainment, distribution and opportunity.  Just take a look at the key dynamics highlighted below:

YGS is 100% FREE!..and shall always be free for Artistes

Quick, Easy, and no contract necessary to setup User account

Unique Store, receive all proceeds from the sale of Digital Media

Affiliation Program, vertical market Digital Media distribution

Artiste Advertising & Sponsorship revenue Stream

YGS is a genuine value for service developed to assist artistes by providing the tools needed to monetize their creativity and realize their own opportunities.

so what’s the USP with YGS?

  • YGS is 100% FREE!
  • The YGS platform enables Content Providers to independently sell, share and stream their digital media.  All proceeds derived from digital sales go directly to the Content Provider.
  • YGS Affiliation program -When someone affiliates themselves with you) on YGS they generate an affiliate request message. This message is received by you. You then have the option to accept the request at which point all the products that are in your store become available for sale in the Affiliates store. All download proceeds from the sale of your products go to you the content provider.Users from different categories can affiliate with each other and help to push one another’s products without their being a conflict of interest. Options for affiliations and affiliated to incentivise one another.
  • YGS allows Content Providers to discover and place sponsorship and advertisements in a pre-allocated space, whereby the Content Provider can benefit form the direct sale of that space.
  • No Contracts, Hidden fees or Distribution deals needed.
  • Upload media directly from your mobile.
  • Connect with other Artistes relative to your location.
  • Connect with the local entertainment & business community to increase exposure and awareness.
  • Maintain full ownership of creative & artistic content posted on YGS.
  • YGS does not resell, share, distribute or give away any user data to third party monetisation firms.
  • All members of YGS experience a consistent service using an intuitive and simple interface .
  • YGS AD-Request – Advertise alongside an Artistes Track preview
  • Simple but fully Comprehensive functionality.
  • Hassle free direct Payments via PayPal.
  • Content Providers are categorised by location, genre and public rating. Along with Keyword quick search, Content Providers can easily be made discoverable.

YGS User Acquisition & Traction

  • YGS Street Team Business Subscriptions | 45%
  • YGS Events - Showcasing Artistes - APP Promotion Events | 30%
  • Online and Offline media campaigns | 25%

YGS Street Teams | Demonstration of the YGS platform to local businesses (Bars, restaurants, clubs, Retail Stores), highlighting the cost/simplicity effectiveness compared to traditional local advertising in order to reach and interact with local  consumer demographics. Assisting businesses get discovered, making their promotions visible.  Each Team consists of 10 members covering approximately 100 platform demonstrations per day.

YGS Pop-Up/APP promotion Events | Showcasing Artistes, YGS APP Promotion Events will focus on exposing local artistes within a controlled environment in order to maximise APP downloads/signups.

Online & Offline media campaigns | 20 and 30 second interstitial for  Print, Web, TV and Radio

YGS Sustainability & Growth

Business Subscriptions | As local business see business and competitive advantage on YGS, Business subscriptions will grow steadily, each month represents a growing balance of subscription payments.  Giving sustainability to the YGS Street Teams to increase in size and productivity, again, we will see sporadic boosts in the subscription signups, as we see our teams expand.

Advertising & Sponsorship | revenues generated from YGS News-Wall and Ad-Request sponsorship and advertising slots, contribute directly to the evolution and sustainability within YGS.

Artiste development | As YGS continues to develop tools to support Artistes productivity, the organic growth for the Artist further compounds the value for service that YGS offers. Said Artist becomes  a business person, managing his own sponsorship/advertising deals via the platform, communicating with their fans and businesses who support them.  The interaction between the Consumer, Artiste and business Users, only serves to perpetuate YGS outward within the community, enthusing more signups and more productivity.

  • Business Subscriptions | 45%
  • Advertising & Sponsorship | 30%
  • Artiste Development | 25%