YGS Social Economics?

YGS Entertainment & it’s concept, is committed to activity that promotes a mutual win-win for new & established musicians, their fans and listeners, associated entertainment industry businesses & services, users and advertisers.  All on one platform.

Content providers want to create , perform, distribute, 

share & sell.


The rise of digital media has been an opportunity for established music/digital media companies to expand their control of their respective sector & industry.

In retrospect this has given opportunity to new Music & Entertainment platforms, which compliment Artistes and Content providers, giving them back the control over the digital media.

YGS entertainment is different. YGS demonstrates how Artistes and content providers can all benefit from mutual monetization in the forms of advertising.

Musicians launching their career and music into the marketplace need all the assistance they can get, it’s not just about the distribution and sales.  Trust, transparency and easy music monetisation are some of  the fundamental functionalities upon which the YGS platform was built.

YGS comes with an extensive set of tools empowering it’s users, maximising their productivity.  As complex as the entertainment industry can be, YGS breaks down the barriers between creators and their marketplace. Unionising consumers and content providers on a simple to use, hassle free platform.

Your Platform & Stage!

It’s not just about receiving all the proceeds from the sale of your Digital Media.  You can also generate advertising/Sponsorship revenue from your Profile page, by allowing your own sponsors and advertisers to appear alongside your profile & media.

Since the beginning of its existence, music has been known to bring people together; and in such critical times of global rift, it continues to be one of the few things that unites the world.

Music has allowed artists to share their art and connect with people from all over the world, which has encouraged an exponential growth in the industry in all aspects, such as sales, sponsorships, performance rights and other supporting activities.

One of the largest contributors to this exponential growth in recent years has been the contribution of digital revenue to the trade, which results from an increasingly fast-paced technological environment.

One of the most debated topics of the market has been ‘The Value Gap’. The Value Gap represents the unsustainability in the value extracted from the music by major streaming platforms , versus the revenue returned to the music community.

In essence, YGS maintains and supports economic and social sustainability goals on a Local and community level. Encouraging better education, less poverty and more social integration and collaboration. YGS is a genuine service of value.


A different dynamic!

Developed to help users to be more productive and more active in their persuits and goals, while at the same time contributing to the environment and economic growth in the community, through improved productivity and efficiency. YGS can help deliver greater impact for social and economic initiatives.

Not every music streaming platform offers the exact same service. Many offer a subscription service with a monthly fee granting access to millions of digital media, which cannot be downloaded locally to your device.

YGS is far simpler, unique in it’s service offering for Sharing, Distributing, Streaming and monetising digital media.  In addition to Fees or Commissions on any Digital Media sold on YGS. Users are encouraged to take advantage of their entire Profile Area. Meaning it can be monetised with their own sponsors/advertisers


Local Interaction

The YGS platform functions on a Community level.  Locally and Internationally.

In essence, YGS maintains and supports economic, social productivity and sustainability goals on a Local and community level.  Through it’s simplicity YGS enables Artistes, Content Providors, Users and Advertisers to mutually benefit from the reciprocal interests within the platform.

YGS-CULAN screenshots

Mobile & Entertainment based Social Economy

YGS is inspiring creatives and content providers with a reliable, trustworthy service. You get paid for your digital media directly, plus more benefits which include:

  1. The service is FREE to sign up and use for everybody
  2. YGS takes no commision or Fees. Get Paid directly. 
  3. Reciprocal Ad revenue Share
  4. No fuss equal opportunity Digital Outlet for all creators of content.

Always FREE to Download & Subscribe

YGS Entertainment shall always be FREE to Subscribe.

YES | Sell Music

No complex agreements between YGS and users are necessary, they only need to demonstrate permission to publish, distribute and sell their original material.

Digital Media & Local Entertainment

The YGS Platform enthuses local & International businesses to list themselves on the platform. With Bars, Nightclubs, restaurants, fashion Stores all having the opportunity to place Product and Brand. Indiscriminately reciprocating and promoting each others products, services across the platform to like minded users on a local and international level.


Target a variety of users and entertainment professionals, institutions, services, networking and entertainment industry resources. Utilise categorised and localised Music distribution and promotion.

Offline Availability | Yes

Digital Media is downloaded into the Users Assets folder when purchased. No Limits on Storage/Number of Archives. The ‘Assets Folder’ is where you’ll find all your digital media downloads. our file can then be the downloaded to your device from your ‘Assets folder’.

Ad Revenue Share

YGS proportionally shares revenue generated by advertising shown alongside Artiste Media.

Social Communication IN APP Chat

Artists can maintain rapport with their fanbase, even after sales. Users can chat freely within their chosen music genre, User-to-User or Artist to User. Open channel for Event Marketing and Ticket Sales.

ZERO Commission/Fees on Music Sales

Paypal Transaction Fees apply and can vary.


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